1. Islay the puppy likes the djembe. #puppy #djembe #drums #drumming #dogs #puppies #cute #drum #percussion

  2. This is a great video from Bonnaroo! Rodrigo plays a cajon solo around half-way through.


  3. New videos coming in Febuary…

    There will be 10 new videos added to playcajon.org on 29th Feb.

    Some highlights will include flamenco rumba lessons, new hybrid grooves as well as cajon test drives.

    Hope you enjoy.

    Take care.



    FOH engineer Tom Cassetta with my hybrid set-up for TAPEIRE in 2007

    My other hybrid set-up for the show


  4. Hybrid Cajons now available

    I am delighted to now offer Hybrid cajons on the playcajon store. We are now stocking the Cuban Segundo, the Cuban Tumba, & the Bongo Cajon.

    Above, the Cuban Segundo & the Bongo Cajon

    These drums have great tone and make an excellent addition to your percussion set-up.